Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Sangha-Buddhist Community with Senior Buddhist monks

In Buddhism, The term three jewels hold an important meaning for all the Buddhist followers all over the world. These three jewels are Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Buddha can be considered as the embodiment of Enlightenment and Buddhahood and Dharma is considered as the teachings left the Buddha and Sangha is the Buddhist community where all the Buddhist followers all over the world learn the teachings left by Lord Buddha in order to attain the Nirvana, also known as the final goal in the religion of Buddhism.

"Taking refuge in the Buddha
Taking Refuge in the Dharma
Taking Refuge in the Sangha"

Basically Speaking, Sangha is the Buddhist community where all the Buddhist monks and other followers live and learn the Dharma, Buddhist sutra and principles of Buddhism. Sangha is also sometimes referred as the monastic orders of Buddhist monks and nuns. And sometimes it is also known by the term "Buddhist, Lay and Ordained". In order to enter the Sangha, Buddhist monks and nuns must undergo the official Ordination ceremony in order to become full-fledged monks and nuns and to start the homeless life of wandering monastics as Lord Buddha underwent during his life.
In eastern countries, it is believed that Sangha is the Buddhist community for monks as well as nuns and there also exist the "Fourfold Sangha" and it means all ordained monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen are the part of the Sangha. In Western Countries, Sangha has the same meanings of the term Church. But if seen properly then Sangha is the place where Buddhist monks and nuns, as well as Laymen and Laywomen, can help each other by helping each other and senior Buddhist monks can provide helps to the newly ordained monks and nuns to walk on the path of the Buddhahood.

Taking Refuge in the Sangha

"So taking refuge in the sangha basically means able to work with your fellow monks, your brothers and sisters in the dharma, while being independent respectively," – Chogyam Trungpa
The so above statement mentioned by Chogyam Trungpa shows the importance and basic interpretation of Taking Refuge in the Sangha. Even though it is said that Buddhist monks and nuns must overcome the problem of life and death and achieve Nirvana by themselves, it is necessary and helpful if a proper guidance is provided so that others can easily overcome these obstacles since it can be referred as the same teachings provided by Lord Buddha to all the disciples.